Freud For Rookies 


Sigmund Freud, the Austrian psychiatrist (who thought heroin was a great medicinal drug) was the propounder of the Psychodynamic School of Thought. Psychology is a very creative and freakish subject which emphasizes on objectivity but it as a subject is totally subjective. It’s philosophical, scientific and so much more. 

His first theory was the structural theory of mind, you know…that Id, Ego and Superego thing? Fun fact: you know in movies or sitcoms when the protagonist has a moral dilemma and wonders if he should study or blow off school and play truant…and then the angel and the devil appear on his opposite shoulders ?  It’s actually the comic representation of the structural theory of Freud; where the guy is Ego, the angel is the Superego and Id is obviously the devil.

  1. Id is guided by the pleasure principal, so this part of the mind is basically a whiny child who screams and shouts till she gets what she wants. 
  2. Ego is the moderator /connector between the two extremes. The boy who wants to skip class and catch a movie but can’t because he knows he has to get into a good college.
  3. The Superego , the angel…the structure that is responsible for making us responsible. It’s because of our Superego that we can’t decide which restaurant to go to, which dress to wear or what to text back.

The next theory is the topographical theory of the mind. Three levels of the mind: Conscious , Subconscious and Unconscious. This is fairly well known throughout the techniverse, this and Maslow’s hierarchy.

The third and most interesting theory proposed by him is the Psychosexual theory. According to this theory, our childhood can be divided into five stages:

  1. Oral stage: the stage when we are about a year old. When we love putting things in our mouth. 
  2. Anal stage: from ages 1-3, this is the time of toilet training. This the period when we explore our feces. Yes, you read correctly. Apparently this feels good at that age.
  3. Phallic stage : ages 3-6, we have a weird unconscious desire to sexually conquer the parent of the opposite sex. Or the same sex incase of gay people, I don’t know because Freud didn’t know gay people back then. So incase you are attempting to conquer your mom, you start mimicking you dad…which seems adorable on the outside but is actually very creepy if you think about it. I guess, some people don’t go through this stage at, they turn out asexual.
  4. Latency: 6- adolescence , the age of cooties, same-sex mingling and herd mentality. The only period where a person is not doing something odd.
  5. Genital: 18-adulthood, the age of intimacy, sexual relations and other stuff that is marketed by the advertisements.

    Freud also gave us the concept of dream analysis but that’s just hocus-pocus for right now. The most hilariously flawed concept is of “Penis Envy” and “Phallic Rage”: according to this women hate men because they have a penis and women don’t…lol,right?

    So while Freud’s the awesomest psychologist ever, he was in someways  a weird dude.



    Why It Is imperative To Have a Bucket List


    Eric Erikson, a neo-freudian gave the eight stages of psychosocial development that starts from the womb and ends in the tomb. He said that at the last stage when we’re 65+ we face either of the two things: Despair or peace. He says that the ones who fall under the category of despair are the ones who believe that they haven’t got any memories, any experience to be proud or fond of. Andthought drives them in to despondence, the thought of having lived a fruitless and unfulfilled life. That’s the reason they fear death. Majority of the population experiences the fear of death…the fear of living a life of stagnation and pointlessness. A life with no outcome, of being a person who never made a difference. I for one am not quite afraid of death, and no, I haven’t lived a very fulfilling life considering my life just started. But I do fear the pain of it…does it hurt when the rope snaps one’s neck? It must be uncomfortable to be strangled to death. 

    So coming to the point why one needs to have a bucket list: it’s not possible for all of us to live a gala life but we are capable of forming grand memories to summarize our lives as a satisfying and rewarding one. So plan stuff, go to movies , try adventure sports, go trekking and try different food, make new acquaintances and spend some time helping a lost individual…do a random act of kindness. Ergo, my point is: try hard, be curious and have a fun so that you don’t die sad.