She was metal,
He was gas.
Different but they belonged together.
Their love visible to none,
But once with each other,
Sparks flew and everyone knew.
Oxygen and Magnesium,
A love story that can never last.
His touch ignited her,
And then it turned her into dust.


Saved By The Bell.


One of the Four,

Was a white-haired bore,

Known as the Dragon Lady behind those doors.

She called me by my name,

Jumbled up all of my documents.

A look of judgement in their eyes,

This event was such an inconvenience to their time,

Was my visiting this institution a crime?

They were unnecessarily rude,

The sneer in their veneer,

Is the reason why I brood.

Is this the way they teach?

Do they follow the values they preach?

All I hear is her s_c_r_e_e_c_h!


The experience was rich.

The sadness of a ruined day,

Rescued me from the perpetual sorrow of morrow,

From a week  made of Mondays,

A long commute for 365 days.

I’m better off.

That’s all I have to say.



Stress and Distress.


Hello? Is anybody out there?

Can you hear me?Please…help.

I’m stuck down here, help me!

Do you hear me? I can’t get out…

Say something! Do you see me?

Here! In the well! Anyone?

It’s dark down here and cold

And I’m scared and alone.


What are you doing down there?

Said a lady in grey clothing and hair.

Scowling at the girl stuck inside the well,

she asked:Why are you making such a fuss?

The well doesn’t even have that much depth.

The girl below stared hopefully at the

Woman peering at her from above.

The grey lady spoke again,

People have much greater troubles,

Some are stuck in canyons

Whilst you draw attention to your shallow well.

Get out of the well on your own.

The girl replied: But how?

I don’t see a ladder or a rope…

How do I get myself out of here?

How do I cope?

Clamber up the walls,

The other voice said.

But I don’t see walls,

I see darkness everywhere;

Why won’t you help me?!

The grey woman left her alone.


Alone inside the damp,dark well.

Alone with her thoughts,

Succumbing to her helplessness,

Pain throbbing in the middle of her chest,

Mucus closing down her wind pipe,

Left alone with no help,

Stuck inside a well…

Because others had canyons.

What depression, anxiety, and other similar problems feel like. Greater problems of another, don’t make your problems any less. Seek help. Don’t be The Girl In The Well.


What Happiness Feels Like


The comfort of a warm blanket draped cozily over you,

The taste of bitter coffee on a chilly evening,

The kitty kiss of your pet cat who trusts you,

The silkiness of a chocolate mousse melting in your mouth,

A night in with Chinese and television,

The look of adoration from your mother,

The lyrics of a song which reflect your thoughts.

The satisfaction of a strong wifi connection,

The fulfilment of some wishful thinking turned true,

A person who understands the paradox with your name on it,

A good violin concerto,

Happiness is fleeting and abstract,

And in a world of silver linings,

With many dark clouds following around,

One must remember that happiness is just around the corner.




1st Post


Sometimes I’m just sad.

There is no reason for the grief I possess,

Except,maybe, the hurtful remarks of a passerby.

There is no reason for me to sob,

Except that the truth of my desolate existence is “all in my mind”.

It isn’t out of laziness that I don’t leave my house,

It is out of the fact that the feelings that I ate

don’t let my clothes fit me anymore.

Wreathed in layers of fat,blood and sweat,

accompanied by a hideous silhouette with inescaplable persistence.

Yes, I have all that my body needs to survive;

But this place won’t let my soul thrive.

My life is a mess and I’m clearly insane,

So out of my depth with such a large frame.

The outline, much broad , doesn’t do me any harm

but magnifies the problems that I cradle in my arms.

So sometimes I’m just sad,
My stagnant life has rendered me mad.