She was metal,
He was gas.
Different but they belonged together.
Their love visible to none,
But once with each other,
Sparks flew and everyone knew.
Oxygen and Magnesium,
A love story that can never last.
His touch ignited her,
And then it turned her into dust.


The Dust Chronicles


To anyone who is reading,

This is a warning from us. We know who you are, the question is…do you know us. We are everywhere around you, but you don’t see us. We are the Dust. The Dust particles as articulate as any human, nevertheless we choose to keep our mouths shut. But enough is enough, no more of human torture. It’s time for us to speak out and fight back.

Why do you want to get rid of us? We may not have a heart beat but we still have feelings. How would you feel if you had to watch your family be thrown out of your home. Why can’t your species co-exist with us? You lot think you own everything, but let us break it to you…we are here to stay. Dinosaurs, mammoths, neanderthals all left but we have been the only constant to our Mother. You mortals will perish when you reach your expiry date, but we will never die.

Do you know what we do to people who try to get rid of us? We make examples of them. Like the author of this blog, who lies helpless in our captivity. She tried to uproot us from her home into the dark recesses of the dustbin. But we’re not cockroaches, we don’t belong there. So to teach her a lesson, we infiltrated her immune system, covered her skin and hair follicles. Danced on her cornea and drove her crazy with itchiness.

Soon her hair will start falling at a greater rate, her skin will be blotchy with marks. Rashes to ashes, Dust to Dust. We win, you lose.┬áIt’s time you humans learnt the actual chain of order. We are your overlords, bow down. Kneel before your masters!

Unlike you, we strive for peace and quiet. We know how to share, so unless you cooperate and drop your brooms, fire your cleaning ladies…we won’t stop. This our last injunction, the next time it won’t be a pretty sight for your lungs.



The Dust Chronicles