What About You?


Hi there.

Been a while since I wrote. Well, the reason behind that is I have been busy participating in life ( a really futile task,to be honest). So in my last post I mentioned a dating experiment…well, scrap that. You know how you sometimes you try very hard and then you still get your heart broken because whatever you do is not enough? Or how the other person can just never provide you with the enough amount of attention or affection and you are left wondering if the other people he/she dated had no such demands. You keep on wondering if you are too high-maintenance or are you not normal? Well, I don’t know if it happens to you but for me, it is my dominant feeling.

What one needs to be happy, is to feel accepted. And what should one do when they can see the other person trying to change them to their convenience…you just let it happen? And how do you fight back or decide if this is something you want to resist against? What if the other person changes you so much that you do not even recognize yourself or know who you are? The most important question: What about YOU? Your needs?

Relationships are  a lot of work, in fact, too much work. Why spend so much time on something that may expire at any moment? One should rather work on oneself, gain knowledge, gather experience and enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of simplicities. Be selfish. Because that is the only way to ensure happiness, love yourself more than you love everyone else.


My First Crush


We’ve all had crushes. I hate having crushes, it’s like this junk that’s taking up more brain space than it should. This wasn’t the case when I had developed a crush for the first time. My first crush was a boy who loved video games, computers and music. He was about four years older than me. We went to different schools and he loved playing the Keyboard. He even had a band. I knew his sister, she was very cool and we had similar minds.

He obviously had no idea that I existed, I mean how would he…we never actually spoke. I had this one friend who also had crush on him and they would email each other. And we’d laugh over their convos. I grew up with these people, I had a lot in common with them. You probably think I’m a stalker for knowing so much about him, but how could I not? He was, after all, one of my favourite fictional characters ever.

Yes, I’m talking about a fictional character…a guy called Michael Moscovitz. He created a robot arm which would perform bypass surgery and through a fateful turn of events, he saved the Genovian Princess and her father from losing control over their country. The modern prince charming, yes, That is Michael from Meg Cabot’s best-selling series: The Princess Diaries. Ten books of a series that have helped me go through all the bullshit of life, books that still give me happiness and laughter with each page.

I grew up with Mia and Lily. How great is it to be Bffs with a Princess and a TV-show host, I mean, can you imagine? I loved how I was a part of their lives and they were a part of mine, how both Mia and I started crushing on Michael. And though it was a bit irksome to watch my friend get the guy, I wouldn’t have it any other way ( LOL.)