Why It Is imperative To Have a Bucket List


Eric Erikson, a neo-freudian gave the eight stages of psychosocial development that starts from the womb and ends in the tomb. He said that at the last stage when we’re 65+ we face either of the two things: Despair or peace. He says that the ones who fall under the category of despair are the ones who believe that they haven’t got any memories, any experience to be proud or fond of. Andthought drives them in to despondence, the thought of having lived a fruitless and unfulfilled life. That’s the reason they fear death. Majority of the population experiences the fear of death…the fear of living a life of stagnation and pointlessness. A life with no outcome, of being a person who never made a difference. I for one am not quite afraid of death, and no, I haven’t lived a very fulfilling life considering my life just started. But I do fear the pain of it…does it hurt when the rope snaps one’s neck? It must be uncomfortable to be strangled to death. 

So coming to the point why one needs to have a bucket list: it’s not possible for all of us to live a gala life but we are capable of forming grand memories to summarize our lives as a satisfying and rewarding one. So plan stuff, go to movies , try adventure sports, go trekking and try different food, make new acquaintances and spend some time helping a lost individual…do a random act of kindness. Ergo, my point is: try hard, be curious and have a fun so that you don’t die sad.


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