The Friend List: The Conclusion


Don’t want to start with the conclusion? Here are links for you: The Friend List: Introduction,The Friend List: Episode One,The Friend List: Episode Two,The Friend List: Episode Three,The Friend List: Episode Four,The Friend List: Episode Five,The Friend List: Episode Six and The Friend List: Episode Seven. Have fun reading!

Dear reader,

I want to thank you for patiently reading my posts. And I hope you liked them, this is the last post that I’ll write about The Friend List. I am a very unsocial person and it is nothing less than a miracle that I’ve still got people to write about. Friends are the family we get to choose. A friend is the personification of serendipity in one’s life. Some of them are permanent and those who are transient…well they’re no less important.

Think of your life as a book. You’re the protagonist and everyone else is a character in it. Some friends are meant to be your companions throughout your journey and the others are there to make the plot more interesting. Mostly placed in those pages for the sake of character development. The important thing for us is to realize this.

Friends are important, but it’s necessary to  know where you stand in their book. Don’t spread yourself too thin or sell yourself short. You too are your friend, maybe the most nagging and persistent one…but the one who cares the most about you. So spend time with this friend, learn to enjoy her company. Even if she mostly nitpicks your flaws and says hurtful stuff. She wants you to be the best you can be and that is why you need to befriend her.

Now I’ll be bidding adieu. I hope you liked what you read and enjoyed it. I’ll write something new soon, but until then.


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