The Friend List: Episode Three


Previously on the series: The Friend List: Episode Two. Enjoy!

The girl with spectacles, who looks timid and shy but is actually one of the boldest and most confident people you’ll ever meet, according to me anyway. She often starts her sentences like this: ” Don’t be offended but… ( something really offensive when you hear it for the first time)”. She is frank, courageous and has serious gumption.  I absolutely adore her for her many wonderful qualities, my favourite being her understanding of how lazy and flaky I can be when I make plans to go out with her. I’ve cancelled our plans a ridiculous amount of times, due to the stupidest of reasons. Believe it or not, she’s still friends with me.

We got to know each other as classmates in 8th grade. In retrospection, this was pretty much the only highlight of the year ( that and my physics marks). We didn’t get along straight away, she was unusually frank and I was more used to people pointing out my flaws behind my back. She used to stick with the people she knew, and as always I stuck in my thought bubble. We were just acquaintances. It was in the next four years that we became friends.

Both of us loved books, she was a potterhead of the first degree and I was a twilight shipper. Funnily enough, I’ve read all of J.K Rowlings’ works except The Harry Potter series. Both of us are geeks, she was cooler than me but she also looked the part better. Over time I started liking her outspokenness and as I got to know her, I became fond of her. She was/is entertaining and is the master of sublime conversations.

One time, in P.E class we were playing throwball, god knows why but I thought of using the ball for football. I kicked it, it went up in the air, and hit her. I broke her glasses, and I started panicking. Any other person would have, logically, shouted my head off and stopped hanging out with me. But not her, instead she made me stop panicking and blaming fate for this misfortune instead. She really is awesome.

The common thing between both of us is that we never fit in, anywhere. She felt replaceable and I felt ignored by the people we called friends. We’d talk about everything, from ranting about our school teachers to mocking our juniors. She would tell about her escapades of truancy, she really wanted me to experience that with her. But I couldn’t do it, I’m weird and overly cautious. And I have the worst luck when it comes to doing something that I shouldn’t.

I don’t know what she actually thinks of me, I presume… good stuff. She reads my blogs and critiques them for me. Suggests ways to make it more life-like. She’s one of the three people who understand me fully and never ask me to change. She would( still does) often dabble as my part time shrink. And as a way of payment, I help her get over her crushes. Her screenshots are hilarious with a capital H.

Reader, let me tell you that mocking you to your face instead of talking behind your back is the hallmark of a great friendship. We’re both weird and we get the best out of each other. She’s very different from me, but our differences just make us bond better. And we never run out of things to say to each other.

Bro, I love you! sorry for acting like a douche and bailing on our plans. I’m just very lazy and the thought of stepping outside, under the sun…ugh, I’m already tired. You are one of the best people in my life and I hope we remain friends forever. Also, don’t get very flattered, this is a once in a lifetime event. So enjoy!

And reader, hope you’re enjoying as well.



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