The Friend List: Episode Four


Hi reader, if you’re following the series and missed out on the last post, here’s the link: The Friend List: Episode Three. Have fun reading!

She’s the tiniest friend that I have. She looks like a ten year old but she’s about to step in to adulthood with just seconds off the bat (metaphorically speaking). She’s a July disaster, a wannabe doctor, a general knowledge enthusiast and a maestro stalker. Absolutely loves Dead Poets Society and Robin Williams. She describes herself as an unconventional ambivert. This paragraph looks somewhat like those TBH posts on Facebook and it’s time to change it up.

She and I had known each other for a while, but neither of us had made any effort to get to know each other better. NIC happened and our presumptions about each other changed, at least mine did for sure. I’d always known she was a polite person, but never thought that we’d find any common ground. I can’t figure out a way to write this out,  so here goes: she’s an entanglement of ideologies, a person who thrives on being different. A comic mystery.

She’s your run-of-the-mill rebel, non-conformist in the most standard way. You would never think that we’d ever be friends if you judged based on appearance and actions. She’s the sarcastic zealot and I’m the docile destruction. We had similar tastes in books, serials and movies. Making fun of Amy from The Secret Life Of An American Teenager somehow brought  us closer. It was that and other such random conversations that revealed that we were kindred spirits or some synonym of that.

We sat together in the last two years of our school. We had quite fun for sometime, I started to think that we were extremely alike. But we’re not, she’s quite different. And though our wavelengths are in the same range…if she’s mauve, I’m violet. Same but not really.

It’s hilarious how contrasting we would seem to you, she’s got that grunge/gothic look and I dress like a homeless person meets Prada, i.e, branded rubbish. She cuts and styles her own hair and I ruin my professionally cut one. She’s confident and shiny but I’m melancholic and a bit mad, to be honest.

The tale of the tiny disaster. It goes something like this: Girl likes guy, guy leads her on and then breaks her heart. A wall forms around her heart and she decides it’s best to not feel anymore. She likes the heartbreakers and players. Our tastes in the people ,we find, is akin to our personalities. Simultaneously different and not.

If you are a more or less thorough reader, you’d notice that I mentioned some stuff about me almost becoming a recluse. And I  did mention that controversy that set this into motion. And now begins story time.

One of her friends, our classmate ( a person no one actually likes) made up this huge lie about how I’d called her boyfriend ugly and fat. Can you even believe that? I am ugly and fat, I know that saying stuff like that sucks. Why would I even call someone I don’t even know mean names? Like, what is the purpose of doing that? I didn’t do that.

I confronted this classmate. Asked her that why did she not ask me to my face if I had actually said anything instead of whispering curses behind my back. She’s a liar, and a drama queen, no really… I’m not being rude, I’m stating facts. She wouldn’t even own up to the far worse things she had said about me. That is, until I sent her the screenshots of her conversations forwarded to me by others . We spoke it out, and she successfully implanted seeds of mistrust in my mind ( that machiavellian mastermind). She told me  that one of my closest friends had told her that…and after a lot of inquiring. She revealed the answer. Guess who it was? Yup, you guessed it.

And this along with some other information that had come to light, I felt as though our friendship was a lie. Probably not meant to last, I still liked her as a person…but thought that she didn’t make a very good friend. I did realize that she wasn’t the one who put words into my mouth. It was the Queen bee, herself who did that. So I excluded myself, from her and almost everyone.

This sounds bad, I know. But over time, I returned to my normal state of mind and realized that none of this high school stupidity mattered. It did a little, but not that much…not anymore. One day, she texted my mom and I saw the text. She thought I was ignoring her, but I was actually pretending that my past didn’t exist. And I realized that it wasn’t right of me to behave this way. Especially because I don’t know what actually went on. However, I do trust her and believe that she would never harm me. Not intentionally, anyway.

So if you’re reading this, don’t be pissed at me. Because I did say that I was going to be objective. You’re a brilliant person. You’re awesome and I hope you don’t hate me and my blog after reading this. Hopefully, we’ll remain friends, okay?

( I’ll let you, reader, know if she hates me now. Bye.)



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