The Friend List: Introduction


Dear reader,

Many of my friends, well not that many…but the majority amongst the few that I have, have asked me to write something about them. And I probably would have ignored their suggestion for two reasons. First of all, I don’t want to offend or flatter anyone; Secondly, the posts are from my perspective and what I think, so it may portray them differently than they actually seem like to the rest of the world.

I’m a very weird and picky person. My opinion of a person constantly changes with how they judge me and others. And my good opinion once lost, remains lost. I’m stubborn about this because I take a long time to decide if their allegiance lies to the good or the bad.

So to the friends reading this, I’ll be changing your names and initials as well. Figure out who I’m writing about, guess if it’s you and let me know. I’ll tell you the answer.

And to you, reader, sit back and enjoy the tales of The Friend List. Read and laugh. Enjoy!


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