The Friend List: Episode Two


Okay, I had Ethiopian Coffee today. And for the first time, I realize what the actual power of caffeine is, no sleep for me tonight. Previous post: The Friend List: Episode One, I hope you enjoy reading this.

Think Gigi Hadid, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone and “Pride & Prejudice” era Keira Kinghtley. Now imagine a girl who bears resemblance to all of the above ladies. Yeah, a girl that pretty. Not everything that I write is a sob story, this friend and I are still in touch (hopefully for perpetuity, fingers crossed). Not only is she beautiful, she is extremely hard-working and diligent. An aspiring journalist, writer and she hopes to be the recipient of either the Pulitzer or Booker awards. Yes, she is ambitious and she’ll probably make this happen.

This friend and I have known each other since we were ten. I’d seen her around in school, everybody knew her because she was the tallest girl there. We became friends when she moved into my neighbourhood and we started traveling in the same bus. We got along great,  both of us hated most of the people who used to carpool with us and we both lived close by. I thought her to be very cool with her extensive knowledge of popular English songs which she shared with us through her mellifluous voice. She was/is a serious singer.

Everything about her seems brilliant, right? Wrong. The one thing you must know about her is that she will never tell you what’s going on inside her head. I knew her very well, or so I thought. Turns out that while I had been going through my spells of depression, she was going through hers as well. And I never had a clue, I never figured that someone as talented, pretty and intelligent as her would have self-esteem issues.

For years, we did everything together…mostly studying ( and talking). Once somebody had asked her if she knew everything about me and she had nodded yes. I had been angered at how could she think that, you can never know everything about someone. But now I realize she was right to think so.  Compared to what I knew about her, she knew much more about me. She used to tease me about my obesity…and I teased her of Anorexia, just out of sheer meanness. Didn’t realize that she actually was anorexic and had body-image problems.

To everyone it would seem that her life had to be perfect. She had looks, brains and  she had tamed the most sought-after bachelor of our school. That made her a subject to scrutiny, now that she wasn’t single. People started hating her for dating him. His fangirls attempted to break them up,her haters would talk behind her back and I was not at all supportive of the relationship because I thought she deserved better. The more people knew about them, the more slander and slut-shaming she faced. People underestimated her because she was pretty, and often lorded it over her her head. But she proved them wrong about their ‘pretty’ prejudice.

We drifted apart for a while, didn’t talk much for sometime. I’m unsocial AF. Both of us were busy with our lives, sometimes we would chat and then we wouldn’t, for months and days. But our friendship is still going strong. I learnt a lot about who she is, what she went through when I read her writing, and that made me realize that she felt as isolated as I did. And I physically isolated myself, she didn’t.

She’s great the way she is and she’ll keep on getting better. You know who you are, bro stop doubting yourself. You’re awesome, stop worrying. Do whatever makes you happy.

And reader, you be happy too.



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