The Friend List: Episode One


Link to the beginning: The Friend List: Introduction. Have fun reading!

The first friend that I’m going to write about is some one I have mixed feelings for. I have known her for thirteen years now. At first sight, I didn’t like her. She was a smart student, someone who got a lot of attention. Someone with impeccable social skills, a girl with a lot of friends. I was jealous, not of all that but because I thought she stole my best friend. I didn’t really get along with her, but my best friend ( at the time) liked her a lot and so we stuck together. She didn’t like me either, girly fights and playground politics often gave me a mean dose of inferiority complex.

As we grew up, she and I became better friends. Not because we had stuff in common, but ’cause we trusted each other. Yes, I knew she was gossipy but I also knew she would always have my back. And she knew I had hers. I got separated from her in the 8th grade, even though we went our separate ways…our connection didn’t wane. Her social circle grew and mine got smaller. She became a social butterfly, intelligent and quick-witted. Famous for her dimpled cheeks, never-fading smile and Rapunzel like hair. And I sort of became a fat troll with depression.

To those who know me, the mystery of who this is supposed to be is already out. Now begins the story of what happened between us. Both of us had a lot of issues with each other but we still liked each other. She didn’t like my bluntness and I didn’t like some of her friends. She became quite a renowned beauty, but she didn’t flaunt it…others did it for her. I was envious for a bit, but then I saw the beauty and my envy vanished. Both of us became class mates for our junior and senior years. In the Junior year, we were in the same class…but she had her own clique and I was busy with new friends and other distracting stuff. In the last year of our school, we started hanging out a lot more. I genuinely started to find her funny and I liked seeing her happy. We’d play badminton together and often treat ourselves to coffee and french fries. She would come over to my home after our exams and we’d feast on biriyani and nap together. When we had classes together, she’d feed me delicious sandwiches and would listen to me while I rambled and whined. I’d do the same for her, we had great fun together and writing this is making me miss her slightly.

The same year, I got my heart broken and this was also the year she found love. And I was so happy for her, I truly thought ( and think) they’re perfect for one-another. She told me everything about her love life, we would giggle over his texts. She’d try to cheer me up with her sunshine whenever I’d feel blue. Our personalities are somewhat like fire and ice. She’s outgoing and optimistic and I’m the pensive pessimist. Later in the year, controversies broke out; the rumour mills created false stories that dragged me into a mess. I sorted it all out, but I was too shaken and I started withdrawing away from the world.

Meanwhile, her parents found out about her boyfriend and they freaked out. Long fights and punishment, nothing could make her change her mind about him. Her parents took away her phone, she went out of her way to keep in touch with him. Young love, so potent ( they’re still together).  This drama went on and is still going on.  Over time, with studies and graduation on the way…we got busy with figuring out our directions. Both of us lost touch, she called me on my birthday. I didn’t expect her call, I’m glad that she remembered and I wish we’d spoke a bit more…but I was sleepy.

Maybe I’ll call her tomorrow, probably not though.


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