The Crush Diaries: The Conclusion


Dear reader,

This is the concluding post. If you’ve missed out on the previous posts of The Crush Diaries, here are the links:My First CrushThe Crush Diaries: Episode Two,The Crush Diaries: Episode three,The Crush Diaries: Episode four,The Crush Diaries: Episode five and The Crush Diaries: Back To The Future. Have fun reading!

Okay, it’s time to say goodbye. To the emotional baggage, to the bad experiences and the humiliation. This is the last time I’m ever going to think about those memories, the people are gone and now, so will these memories. A friend said that whatever happens with us is the work of the universe, necessary to prevent the extinction and manage the stability of our species ( he’s Buddhist). And I see that he’s somewhat right, these events did have a major role in making me who I am now.

I learned to care about myself, I realized what I really wanted. You might be thinking what is the point of me writing all of this, the reason behind this venture is that I needed to bury those memories, burn those metaphorical photographs. This seemed like a good way to do it, I might beat myself up later for it…but it was necessary.

The four crushes that I had, taught me four things. The first crush taught me how to deal with infatuations, the second crush made me stronger ( what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger). The third crush gave me clarity about what I absolutely hate and made me want to prove myself, the fourth and final crush gave me misery and I wrote poems for the first time. He also taught me that all I really want is peace and success. So I’m grateful for whatever happened. And I hope all of them get what they deserve, good or bad…their actions will decide.

Lastly, I want to say: thank you reader! I really do appreciate it. And unfortunately if I do get more unrequited crushes, maybe I’ll let you in on that.


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