The Crush Diaries: Episode Two


Okay,so if you haven’t read my previous post for this series…no worries! Here’s the link: My First Crush

I was a bit apprehensive about creating this series because it’s basically a mockery of my ‘love life’…not that I have one. So you have a clue as to where this is heading,but I hope you have fun reading this.

Now, let’s begin with the storytelling. The first real crush that I had was a boy at my school, he was two years older than me, and he and I had the same school bus. At that time, I was fairly innocent which is very odd considering that I was surrounded by ten to thirteen year-olds who thought “f@#k” was the most sophisticated word ever. Yeah, I traveled with such dim-wits, but obviously some people were nice to hang with, he was one of them. Sort of.

When I was younger, I generally did not register human emotions for humans. The only feelings I felt were for fictional beings and animals. He spoke to me and my friend, and a lot of the girls on the bus had a crush on him. Like I said, I didn’t catch feels back then…so I definitely wasn’t one of them. I would see them gushing over him, blushing if he looked their way, doodling his name behind notebooks or I’d see them busy reading up on their zodiac compatibility. I found this very weird, but I realized to fit in with the better half of the crowd I’d have to ignore this oddness.

My friend and I would talk about crazy things like bougainvillias, books and she’d often entertain us all with her rendition of Kesha’s ‘tik tok’. Both of them were neighbours. This one time, she and I were playing badminton near her home and we saw him stare at us and run away. What a laugh that had been. A year later, he became a prefect. That too, of my class. His good-looking friend and he would come to our class everyday to dutifully do prefect stuff ( which was mainly preventing students from going to the loo after the second bell, a marvelous job indeed).

My girlfriends and I were chatterboxes, yapping on about the most nonsensical topics was a routine activity. Obviously, as one would expect…I was a buzzkill and a stupid do-gooder who would try to get her friends to stop talking to save ourselves from punishment. But one fine afternoon, when everybody ignored my pleas…we were punished. His friend, the Ken doll look-alike punished us for gossiping and urged us with the inspirational phrase, ” Control your emotions…”

Suddenly, he came over to our place and did something nobody expected! He asked me to sit down, while the rest of my friends got punished. I thought that since I was the one who spoke the least, my sentence was the shortest. But from that incident onwards, my friends believed that he had a crush on me, which seemed like a peculiar notion to me.

This rumour went on for quite a while, died down and then was resurrected again when it was me who developed a crush on him. This was when I was fifteen, and I was the prefect this turn around and he was the Sports Captain. And this sucked so much, you see…he and I both left the bus, time passed and we became strangers ( also, puberty hit and I got ugly). Sometimes, I’d stalk him on Facebook but I’d never send him a friend request. It seemed like a bad idea and I felt queasy about it.

Soon enough, the infatuation faded and I moved on. A tale of unrequitance or something like that. A weird story, with a boring ending. Well actually, one of many stories.


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