My First Crush


We’ve all had crushes. I hate having crushes, it’s like this junk that’s taking up more brain space than it should. This wasn’t the case when I had developed a crush for the first time. My first crush was a boy who loved video games, computers and music. He was about four years older than me. We went to different schools and he loved playing the Keyboard. He even had a band. I knew his sister, she was very cool and we had similar minds.

He obviously had no idea that I existed, I mean how would he…we never actually spoke. I had this one friend who also had crush on him and they would email each other. And we’d laugh over their convos. I grew up with these people, I had a lot in common with them. You probably think I’m a stalker for knowing so much about him, but how could I not? He was, after all, one of my favourite fictional characters ever.

Yes, I’m talking about a fictional character…a guy called Michael Moscovitz. He created a robot arm which would perform bypass surgery and through a fateful turn of events, he saved the Genovian Princess and her father from losing control over their country. The modern prince charming, yes, That is Michael from Meg Cabot’s best-selling series: The Princess Diaries. Ten books of a series that have helped me go through all the bullshit of life, books that still give me happiness and laughter with each page.

I grew up with Mia and Lily. How great is it to be Bffs with a Princess and a TV-show host, I mean, can you imagine? I loved how I was a part of their lives and they were a part of mine, how both Mia and I started crushing on Michael. And though it was a bit irksome to watch my friend get the guy, I wouldn’t have it any other way ( LOL.)


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