Crazy For Cats


Feline furballs, personification of cuteness, anime eyes in real life: all apt descriptions for god’s gift to the commitment phobic wretches. Cats are the silver lining of my existence, I used to have three cats: Meowly, Suzie and Aussie. Meowly was the momma cat and the other two were her twins. I thought of these babies as my niece and nephew, and of Meowly as my sister. We were a happy family for quite some time, until my mother hit hypochondriac mode and got rid of them. Ugh, gone were the days of unconditional adoration and effortless joy. On the plus side, this was the  time I ventured into the land of books and turned into a LOWKEY BOOKWORM.

My desire to adopt a pet cat has refused to depart from my heart even after so much time. Yes, many people  may think that cats are not loving. Hence, they find them unlovable, and much prefer dogs over them. But you see a dog loves everyone,however,the aloof and introvert Kitty loves only those who she believes are really worthy of her affection.

But what if you do love your cat and you feel she’s rejecting you? Fear not, I’m telling you: She may be hot and cold, perplexing you with those mixed signals but that’s because she’s sizing you up to see if you are upto her ‘human’ standards. So don’t make the selfish (and foolish) mistake of ceasing the love, you do that…and your cat will hate you forever. And I doubt you want to give her up to a kennel and have the guilt of cat-slaughter on your conscience.So love that cat and break the wall. Soon she’ll be raining Kitty Kisses and Purring at her favourite human (that’s you!).


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