Pleasantly Bored.


Acute Boredom, two words which currently describe my life. School has ended and ,with it, all my contact with the outside world has physically ceased. Not that I’m complaining, I’m all for lazing around in bed and sleeping away my days. The only exercise I’ve had these last two months would be from changing the TV channel via a remote. I started writing to get some kind of productive outcome from the time I’m wasting away, but sometimes there is a serious scarcity of ideas. So  I decided…why not discuss boredom itself?

What does one do when bored? I have no clue. I mean I could start a new series or a new book but in order to do either I’d have to put in a lot of effort. In the first case, I’d have to put on outside clothes, brush my hair and go to a bookstore to purchase a book; the second case, I’d have to learn how to use torrent…which would take patience that I don’t have. So what do I do? I spend my time cackling and chuckling at the wonderful festivities of YouTube Cats or eat momos. Sometimes the dearth of activity is so in my face that I’m compelled to put in the effort of downloading an e-book. One-fourth of the time I waste is utilized for reminiscence and introspection, taking a long walk down the route of embarrassing memories of something stupid I did, like crying in Kindergarten or getting sad over that time when someone made a mockery out of me.

I mean, definitely there are days which seem like this is the best situation life can offer me. I don’t have to think about money, don’t have to drag myself to school every morning, I can watch TV for as long as I want with nobody to stop me. And how happily I can revel in this soothing loneliness, with no burden of unread books hanging over my head. These little freedoms do take of the edge of the fast-paced yet routine monotony of life. So yes, I am or was bored but I still cherish the time I have to embrace this ennui.


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