Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what LGBTQ stands for. We all speak about the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans-people but what does the “Q” at the end signify? The Q stands for questioning. What this means is that sexuality is fluid and the only person who can define it is you. The Questioning stands for the minority within the minorities. It represents the asexuals, demisexuals, gender-fluid people etcetera. Yes, asexuality does exist, it is possible for someone to feel no sexual attraction. That doesn’t mean that they don’t possess romantic feelings, it means that if sex can exist without love then why can’t love exist without sex?

One percent of the entire population identifies as “Ace”. And though it may seem a very small statistic, it’s Seventy Million people we’re talking about. And it’s Seventy Million people who are ignored, undermined; who “haven’t found the right person yet”. It is okay to look at people and find them beautiful because of their unusually dark red hair, sparkling green eyes or to admire them for their high cheekbones that seem like art. It’s okay to have feelings and not want sex and vice versa.

A ‘normal’ relationship consists of both love and sex. But what about the present generation is ‘normal’? This is a generation that thrives on being unique and asking them to change who they are in order to fit into the “normalcy” of society is somewhat like asking them to kill a part of themselves.” Ace” is just as real as all the other forms of sexuality that exist, it is possible to find someone stunning without finding them sexually attractive.


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