Young Adult.


I’m Eighteen. Yes, I have come of age, I’m legal and I’m an adult. It’s weird, this ‘coming of age’ thing. Feels extremely ordinary but the feeling is decorated with a light tinge of apathy and distaste. Nothing major has changed in my life except I’ve graduated school and got a tattoo. What does a birthday bring to your life? all your memories occupy 1/18th space in your brain, thereby, both the bad and the good memories get fainter with each passing day. The excitement of the year ends, I mean obviously holidays and festivities are fun but nothing compares to the personalized day of “YOU” in the calendar.

With age, the burden of responsibilities and society’s pressure to be social begins to take effect. People expect things from you, after all you’re a grown-up now. However this statement still has some leeway with thy parents…who utilize your age like a double-edged sword. I’ll be starting college soon and probably after twelve years of more education, I start working (one hopes). It’s going to be more difficult now; the emotional intensity of troubles will be lesser than what I experienced in my teenage but the extent of reality of every situation will be grave. Seems similar to the action of the convex mirrors in cars, our troubles seem far away but essentially they are just about to sneak up on you. A friend told me to write less depressing posts, I know this isn’t exactly bright and shiny…but the only positive outcome of growing up is I can watch movies without parental supervision. So that’s nice.

Let’s wait and see how everything unfolds. Maybe it will be mostly sunny and light or maybe not.


9 thoughts on “Young Adult.

  1. So I’m 20 and I’m in university, and I know exactly how you feel. I’m at a stage where I don’t know whether to call myself a girl or a young woman. It’s weird. Because I don’t feel enough like an adult to call myself a young adult, but I have to do adult things. But since i became an “adult” at 18, people do expect you to know things and how to do things and it all gets so complicated, because we’re never taught in school how to be an adult, it’s all maths and science and English. It kind of annoys me. It’s like when you get to 18 you can’t behave like a kid anymore, and that’s where I think society is wrong. Kids have some great values and qualities that I think adults don’t have anymore.

    So yeah, nice blog post! 🙂

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