Saved By The Bell.


One of the Four,

Was a white-haired bore,

Known as the Dragon Lady behind those doors.

She called me by my name,

Jumbled up all of my documents.

A look of judgement in their eyes,

This event was such an inconvenience to their time,

Was my visiting this institution a crime?

They were unnecessarily rude,

The sneer in their veneer,

Is the reason why I brood.

Is this the way they teach?

Do they follow the values they preach?

All I hear is her s_c_r_e_e_c_h!


The experience was rich.

The sadness of a ruined day,

Rescued me from the perpetual sorrow of morrow,

From a week  made of Mondays,

A long commute for 365 days.

I’m better off.

That’s all I have to say.




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