Rhythm and Poetry.


Writing is a creative way of dealing with what you feel, but sometimes our sensibilities can be quite difficut to put into words. At times the intensity of our sentiments is so loud, only a crescendo can authentically resonate its depth. The twangs of guitar strings, the notes of a piano in a sonata…how easy it is for melody to reflect what our lips fail to voice.  Each new song that adds to our playlist, assembles and becomes a part of the background score of our life, decorating all the moments encompassing this lifetime; reducing the flatness of our charmless, mechanical lives.

The honesty of music and lyrics, the cadence of melody and expression is one of the few joys of humanity that everyone has the opportunity of relishing. From Mozart to Madonna, Tchaikovsky to Taylor  Swift, each and every emotion felt by the listeners is entrapped in verse. It’s remarkable how music can weave a magic so delicious that heavy hearts are transformed into divine souls. Music gives us solidarity, it makes us feel like we belong; it gives us hope that someone out there went through the same devastation and if he could make it, maybe we can too. Rocking out to the billboard 100, humming a pretty tune you heard on the radio, grinning at the musical parodies on YouTube… face the music, the sad truth of our existence is that alongside the curse of awareness, our souls are also plagued by this perpetual sensation of emptiness: a black hole only to be coloured by the beats of a ballad.

So let’s put on those headphones and mellow out to the next track.



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