Food and Feels.


How do you describe emotions? Tricky is one word, also labyrinthine is a befitting description. Emotion, feelings, hormones- all the components of a good old irrational psyche, the constituents behind all illogical mishaps. Food ,on the other hand, is love. Food is the light pouring out from within the gloomy clouds. Food is delicious, warm and it stands for everything that is good and right in this jungle of chaos. A bad day, a regrettable haircut, a broken leg or anything worse…there is no manifestation of anguish that a scrumptious feast can’t reduce. Invariably, rejecting emotions and choosing food over it seems like the most coherent choice. But what seems rational is not always good for us.

Being prone to depression myself, I deal with it in the most convinient way possible, by binge-eating junk food and chugging down soda. Drowning my sorrows in aerated drinks is easy, so instead of facing them…I drink Pepsi.  And as one would guess, the fact that I’m overweight is a safe bet. It’s very difficult to cope and food provides a welcome distraction. The reason behind discussing this topic is that the Earth is a forlorn setting and even though choosing the diversion feels good, don’t do it.

For a very brief span of time, you do experience bliss but it doesn’t last, does it?  The vacuum is still there, it still persists. The only thing that will change, is your B.M.I and  you become so fat that you’re just a Kg or a few lbs away from a clogged artery waiting to burst. So be strong and fight the darkness. Food does feel great but that liberty and lightness you achieve when you overcome your demons is  worth the struggle.

Utilise your moxie. Stay strong and keep trying, because you will succeed.


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