A Hot Cup of Hate.


Revenge is a dish best served cold. But to get your vengeance that perfect hint of frosty chill, you have to wait for your burning hate to simmer down. Hate implies passion, and passion can make you do crazy things like hacking another human to bits and pieces. The virtual world and real world is full of haters, a bunch of people getting their daily dose of gratification from humiliating a stranger without any actual cause of action. Sometimes people project self-hatred onto other people and the outcome is devastating, unfortunately recent events show substantial evidence. People who can unflinchingly be someone unprecedented in society always grasp the attention of such riff-raff.

The more unabashedly nonconformist you are, the more negative heed you garner. On top of this, if you are innocent and blunt…society doesn’t really accept who you are. Does that mean you should quit civiliztion and become a hermit? No. It means that you let the trajectory of life give you direction and learn how to be shrewd in your dealings. Of course, you still have to be yourself, something meaningless as the opinion of an internet troll is not sufficient enough to let your magic perish. Paraphrasing Taylor Swift, haters are going to hate but you just have to shake it off. In a population of Billions, being unique is a trump card, so work it.

Believe in yourself because as the saying goes: Dogs will bark but caravans will pass.

#YouDoYou #KeepSlaying


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