A Closed Chapter.


The month of May saw the official end of my school life.Seventeen years of dreadful drudgery of everyday classroom monotony, uncaring teachers, long lesson plans, intense teenage friendships-it all  came to a halt.Suddenly I felt catapulted into the world of grown-ups, a bit difficult to believe. Months of social isolation, struggling with self-identification with self-esteem issues in full bloom…with the declaration of my board results, all such anxieties and troubles seemed to have vanished. I felt free as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.Yes, after reading this you might think what hellish a school must this person have gone to or is she exaggerating things? No, it wasn’t all bad,not all teachers seemed unkind, I did have some friendly company and the studying didn’t seem half bad when I liked what I was reading.

Going to a school with peers who underestimate your abilities will screw you up and skew your perception of everyone around you, every comment meant to troll your socially awkward self, will seem like an attack meant to break you to pieces. Not being a part of any squads, feeling like the odd one out was a plain thing for me. Teenage friendships came with strings, people acted like the paparazzi quoting things out of contexts or making stories right out of the blue. I had some good days too when I was chosen as one of the editors of our magazine or the prefectorials I  was a part of. All this negativity had altered my perception grossly but as I mentioned earlier, this milestone brought me out of the funk  that I’d been stuck in for a long time. Things appeared less bleak from where I stood.Yes, I knew life was not going to be a piece of cake and that at every turn people would try to keep knocking me down and it was up to me to never back down and fight for my place in the world. Apart from physics and calculus, school did teach me a lot of stuff, I learnt how to  function in a system of various personalities co-existing together. Every bad event taught me something new and made me who I am, who is that, you ask? Someone I would like to know better, someone who can see the darkness and bright lights as well; someone ready to take on a whole new batch of adventures.

So maybe after a few years, I’ll look back fondly and only remember the pleasant part of it with the fun conversations, hanging out at recess,praises of a teacher and outings with some friends.Yes, maybe I’ll miss it because times were simpler and money wasn’t another headache but maybe I won’t and my life will go on for the better.


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