1st Post


Sometimes I’m just sad.

There is no reason for the grief I possess,

Except,maybe, the hurtful remarks of a passerby.

There is no reason for me to sob,

Except that the truth of my desolate existence is “all in my mind”.

It isn’t out of laziness that I don’t leave my house,

It is out of the fact that the feelings that I ate

don’t let my clothes fit me anymore.

Wreathed in layers of fat,blood and sweat,

accompanied by a hideous silhouette with inescaplable persistence.

Yes, I have all that my body needs to survive;

But this place won’t let my soul thrive.

My life is a mess and I’m clearly insane,

So out of my depth with such a large frame.

The outline, much broad , doesn’t do me any harm

but magnifies the problems that I cradle in my arms.

So sometimes I’m just sad,
My stagnant life has rendered me mad.


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